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Vermont’s highways offer a surprisingly vengeful tale to tell of ghosts, goblins, and scary stuff. Paranormal activity has been part of the history of this state even before European settlers began to colonize the area. You’ll find many of the best haunted locations along Route 89. At the Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury, the owner was surprised to see a couple come down the stairs. He hadn’t checked them in, but the visitors were insistent that an older woman at the desk helped them. When they described the apparition, it sounded a lot like the property’s first owner. There are several notable haunted events to try when visiting Vermont. Some locations offer creepy events meant only for small children so they can have some Halloween fun too. Many of the best haunted houses in Vermont offer limited times and tickets, so act quickly to ensure that you can discover all of the fun that’s waiting for you out there.