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Almost every historic building in Arizona has some sort of ghost story attached to it. These scary locations have led to a rich history of haunted house development in the state every October for you to enjoy. One of the most popular stories to tell is that of a college student named Kathy. After dealing with a breakup with her boyfriend or family abandonment, this poor girl decided to take her own life. Now her apparition continues to walk the halls, causing posters to fly off the walls. Lights flicker, electronics malfunction, and some students at Morton Hall say that their blankets come off at night. Oliver House in Bisbee is a two-story bed-and-breakfast that has seen numerous murders happen over the years. One story involves a police officer who killed over a dozen people after catching his wife having an affair. Guests at the property say that they can still hear gunshots. There are the Thornton Road Domes in Casa Grande that have shadowy figures unleashing screams and throwing rocks. Tempe, Phoenix, Tucson, and ghost towns like Jerome all offer unique ways to enjoy the paranormal throughout the year. Then come during October to have fun at a local haunted house!