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Nevada offers one of the widest varieties of haunted house choices that you’ll find in the United States. You can enjoy the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the laid-back approach of Reno, or small-town historic charm with a visit to Virginia City. The history of the state is rich in real paranormal activities. Boot Hill Cemetery in Pioche might be quiet today, but the history of the community is bizarrely violent. Over 70 people died in one year before anyone died of natural causes, and 60% of all homicides in the 1870’s were recorded there. Goldfield History Cemetery is another creepy spot to be. It was the last massive gold camp, and the old boomtown ended up relocating all of the graves to make way for the railroad. Then there is the Middlegate Station from the Pony Express that is literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s between Austin and Fallon Station on Highway 50, which calls itself the loneliest road in the United States. If you love ghosts and scary stories, then you’re going to enjoy all of the haunted houses that you can find in Nevada.