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Many of the haunted houses in Massachusetts each year collect money for a great local cause. You can enjoy being frightened while knowing your admission is helping people in need. You’ll also find that some of the most haunted places in Massachusetts are a fantastic way to get in touch with the paranormal. Dogtown became a permanent settlement in 1693. It was abandoned by the early 19th century with rumors that witchcraft was practiced regularly there. The surrounding woods of this ghost town are reportedly cursed, with numerous strange and unexplained events that continue happening. Leicester offers the Spider Gates Cemetery, a haunted location since at least 1740. Local legends say that this property provides a gateway to another creepy dimension. You’ll also find inns in North Adams, Concord, and Taunton that report frequent ghost sightings and unusual events. Massachusetts offers several ways to get frightened all year long. Are you ready to have a spooky good time?