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The best haunted houses, haunted barns, haunted trails and other haunted attractions and events located in
Morton Grove, Bureau County, Orion, Rochester, Roodhouse, Chicago, Aurora, Dupo, Frankfort and other areas throughout Illinois.

The small town of Alton is nestled right on the banks of the Mississippi. It is arguably the most haunted town in the United States. You can find apparitions staring at you from windows in buildings throughout the town. The spirits of soldiers are also said to wander the cemetery at night. Decatur offers another cemetery where paranormal activity occurs regularly. One distraught bride continues to search for her lost love along the Sangamon River. You can also see lights glowing in a field where no power source exists. Then make your way to Ashmore to see the scary former psychiatric hospital where numerous spirits wander the halls. You’ll find an entire variety of ghosts interacting with you, ranging from playful to angry. That’s the approach you’ll see with the haunted houses in Illinois as well. Each one offers a personality that can make you smile just as easily as it will make you scream. If you’re ready to have a lot of fun, then make your way to this state for an incredible experience.