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Tennessee isn’t a mecca of paranormal activity, but that doesn’t mean the haunted houses that you’ll find in the state are subpar. You’ll discover that the various events held in the region can provide your family with a scary good time! Some haunted houses like to tell the ghost stories from the previous generations as part of their theme. One of the most famous tales is that of the Bell Witch. The terror imposed on John Bell’s family was so intense that President Andrew Jackson refused to stay at their house. She reportedly still haunts the cave next to the farm. There’s also the story of the Pegram family. A development group tragically destroyed their cemetery in 1970 when working on a housing project. Since then, the town has seen no end to their financial hardships. Some homeowners even report tombstones appearing in their gardens. You’ll also find musical themes, rural events, and haunted forests waiting for you in Tennessee. Some might even say that it is the most wonderful time of the year to be in the state.