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A man was driving south of Little Rock when he saw a young girl on the road on Highway 365. He decided to stop since she looked to be cold and soaked in the rain. He drove her home from the directions she gave him. No one was there after he got out of the driver’s seat to help her out of the car. A man came out of the house, so they talked about the story. Turns out it was the man’s daughter who was killed more than a decade ago. She asks for a ride once per year. The man told the driver where his daughter’s grave was so that he could see for himself. There on the tombstone was a jacket that he had given the girl to warm up. You can find plenty of urban legends like this one in Arkansas. Mount Holly Cemetery, the Hornibrook House, and even the state capitol building all have haunted tales that cause the heart to skip a beat. Come to one of the incredible haunted houses in Arkansas this year to enjoy some of the creepy fun as you embrace the paranormal energy that thrives here.