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The history of North Carolina hauntings goes back to the American Revolution. A miller in the area was captured and drowned in the Tar River. Before his death, he cursed the soldiers, telling them that a banshee would haunt them. She reportedly appeared soon after and still looks for unpatriotic people. Ghostly orbs of light radiate from Brown Mountain with such frequency that multiple people can see them at night. Cherokee legends date the appearance of the lights as far back as the 13th century. You’ll find plenty of haunted houses and farms throughout the state that are fun to enjoy with your family and friends. Some of the events, such as the one at the Haunted Farm in Hendersonville, even come with a disclaimer saying that there are no refunds if you don’t complete the event. If you love the idea of having an outdoor adventure while exploring the best haunted houses in the country, then North Carolina is the place to be.