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The ghost stories of Louisiana involve shadowy figures, unexplained sounds, and objects that seem to move by themselves. There are numerous cemeteries, historic homes, and properties that host paranormal activity in the state. Attending a haunted house event is one more way to embrace the fun. Almost every house more than a century old claims to have at least one ghost haunting its rooms. One of the most haunted places is St. Louis Cemetery #1. It is the final resting place of the Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. You can leave three X’s on her crypt in a desire to have your wishes granted. Almost 100,000 spirits may come out at night at this location. Arnaud’s Restaurant could let you interact with some of the classiest ghosts around. The Count can sometimes be seen in his tuxedo, surveying the atmosphere and nodding his approval. You’ll find a wonderful haunted house in Louisiana that fits any taste or preference. It is a fantastic way to meet the local paranormal personalities.