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When the season to get spooked comes around, then the haunted houses of Maryland are where you can scare up a lot of fun. You’ll find everything from torture barns to haunted hayrides offered throughout the state. Those are the places where everyone can have a laugh and support a good cause. There are some terrifying locations in Maryland that can also haunt your dreams if you want a good fright. The 1739 Hager House is one of the best examples of what can send a chill down your spine. Two families haunt this property. Tour visitors can often see objects move by themselves or hear footsteps in empty rooms. Some people report hearing children’s voices. Kingsville offers the Jericho Covered Bridge. If you visit at night, some people have reported seeing ghosts that hang from the rafters. Whatever your preference for fun happens to be, then Maryland has a great haunted house for you to see.