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There are plenty of forest lands that feel a little spooky in New Jersey when the sun goes down. One of the creepiest spots in the state is the Shades of Death Road. It runs along a haunted lake where you can see pillars of mist rise from the top of the water. Those who live on the border of Warren and Sussex can tell you about the White Pilgrim. There are even organized tours of the old asylums in the state if you have a paranormal itch to scratch. There are also numerous excellent community-organized haunted houses for you to enjoy in New Jersey. One of the legendary stops is the Brighton Asylum, offering all-year attractions for the family to enjoy. There are even escape routes for you to enjoy. When autumn comes along, there are seven different haunted houses to tour at this one location. Fill up your weekend with some other stops to have a fun way to celebrate the holiday when you’re in New Jersey.