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If you love an excellent scare during the time leading up to Halloween, then you’re going to enjoy spending time in Nebraska. You’ll find plenty of homemade haunted house events that will make you scream, laugh, and cry. You’ll find many events held in Omaha and Lincoln, but there are also small-town haunted houses throughout the state to see. One of the best events happens in Kearney. It’s called “Escape the Underworld,” and it is held in the basement of the World Theater. There are rumors that the building itself is haunted, so you might encounter a real ghost while enjoying the community event. Then make sure that you spend some time exploring places like the Museum of Shadows in Platsmouth. It has generated reports of paranormal activity for almost 15 years. Some visitors even report that they’ve been touched by unseen hands while in the building. Whether you prefer a corn maze or one of the many events held in Omaha, you’re going to have a fantastic time in Nebraska’s haunted houses.