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Everything is bigger in Texas. That means you can expect the haunted houses of the state to pull out all of the stops so that you can have a fun adventure. Some of the locations where you can find community events are in some of the most haunted properties in the state. The USS Lexington is a popular destination with its Corpus Christi location for a proper fright. Hundreds of reports come through each year regarding paranormal activities. One of the most famous events involves a sailor in uniform helping guests find their way back to the deck. If you make your way to Marfa, then you can see lights show up in the distance off of U.S. Route 67. There is no way to predict when they will appear, but there is photographic evidence of the phenomenon. You’ll also find dungeons, nightmare rooms, and all of the traditional fun that a Halloween haunted house can provide a community in Texas. There are so many different events that you are almost guaranteed to find something that works for everyone.