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The haunted houses of Kentucky provide a unique experience that the whole family can enjoy. It might be a state known for its green pastures and bourbon, but there is also plenty of paranormal activity to discover here. Bigfoot makes his home in the state, although he goes by the name of the Hillbilly Beast here. Even Daniel Boone had reports of seeing this creature while exploring the countryside. There is also the legend of Sleepy Hollow Road to explore. It’s near Louisville, and reports say that a black hearse sometimes appears out of nowhere. It tries to run drivers off of the road into a ravine below. There are also screams that can be heard where a covered bridge used to be. You’ll find several events waiting for you to enjoy when a fright is what you want on a cool autumn night. Pick your favorite haunted house to visit and be prepared to let the shivers travel all of the way down your body.