Halloween in Alaska provides you with cold, howling winds. It can also be a fantastic place to find a haunted house.

What is unique about the hauntings of this state is that many stories involve forlorn spouses. “Scary Mary” continues to walk in the hallways of the Golden North Hotel in Skagway after locking herself in her room on the third floor.

She took that action because her fiancée, a fellow named “Klondike Ike,” set out for gold, but he then failed to return.

The “Lady in Black” is a sad spirit draped in diamonds and a long, black robe that trails behind her. She haunts the Baranof Castle in Sitka. There is also the Gateway to Darkness, a place in Wasilla where portals are said to contain spirit energy until it becomes expelled in autumn each year.

Most of the haunted houses in Alaska are found in cities like Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks. Smaller villages may offer celebrations on November 1 because of the history of celebrating All Hallows’ Day instead.