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New Mexico is a state that offers more than its fair of very creepy locations to explore. You’ll find haunted houses supporting charitable causes throughout the area, mixed in with some genuinely scary places to visit. Dawson Cemetery near Cimarron has over 260 victims from a coal mine explosion that happened in 1913. It is still one of the worst mining tragedies in U.S. history. It is said that you can even see the lights from the miners’ hats amongst the graves. Santa Fe offers the La Posada Hotel as a haunted holiday. It is reportedly haunted by the former mistress of the house. She often looks forlorn or cries in one of the rooms. The Kimo Theater in Albuquerque is stunning to see on its architectural merits. There is also the ghost of a young boy named Bobby that likes to cause mischief. Performers on the stage often leave small toys or gifts to stop him from interfering in their production. If you love to experience a good scream, then the haunted houses of New Mexico offer a fun and affordable way to enjoy the autumn spirit.