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Alabama is a state which offers a hotbed of hauntings. There are several ghost stories linked to critical locations around the state. This history has led to an incredible series of haunted houses to enjoy every October. King Criswell Plantation is one of the most haunted locations in the United States. One of the former owners claims that something evil in the house was attacking her, so she feared for her life. The 680-foot USS Alabama sits in Mobile. It experienced one of the worst friendly-fire incidents in World War II when a turret safety feature failed. Eight sailors were killed, and now it is said you can hear their footsteps on the deck. From the ghost town of Old Cahawba to the Bear Creek Swamp in Prattville, you’ll discover plenty of creepy spots to enjoy all year long. When you’re ready to appreciate an excellent haunted house, this history makes Alabama one of your top destination choices.