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There are several popular ghost stories that you’ll hear locals talking about in Oregon. One of the best places to visit is the Battery Russell at Fort Stevens. It’s one of the few locations on the west coast that experienced direct conflict during World War II. A man in an era-specific uniform is sometimes seen on the parade grounds. The Benson Hotel in Portland is reportedly home to several ghosts. One of them is the person for whom the building is named. He apparently likes to knock drinks over. Apparitions are sometimes seen at Candy Can Park in La Grande. She used to haunt the merry-go-round until the city removed it in 2003. Now she wanders about the grounds, warning people to stay away. You’ll also find several festivals, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches hosting haunted house events in Oregon. Some of the activities have been held annually since 1895. If you’re ready for some fun, then you’ll find it in this state with all of the options available to you.