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Downs Road in Hamden is reportedly the grounds of some strange creatures. Witnesses often describe them as looking like demonic children. Local legends suggest that if you encounter one, they will lure you into becoming one of them. Some of them even leave long claw marks on your vehicle as you drive down the rural road. New Haven is home to the spooky Evergreen Cemetery, where a woman named Mary was reportedly buried alive on accident. If you visit her grave at midnight, there are feelings of terror, shadowy figures that surround you, and horrible screams that no one but you seem to hear. Many of the haunted houses that you can find in Connecticut follow the local stories and traditions of the paranormal. One of the most popular stories that you’ll see in this Halloween culture is the Hookman. He was a cemetery caretaker in Seymour who loved to kill trespassers with a hook. Every community with a haunted house in Connecticut offers a unique experience. Visit your favorites or plan a statewide adventure to enjoy the Halloween spirit.