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October brings out some of the best haunted houses in the United States, with several of them found in Kansas. You’ll also find that the ghosts in the state like to be active all year long. The McInteer Villa in Atchison is an excellent example of this eerie atmosphere. A rocking chair on the property moves by itself frequently. You can hear footsteps on the second floor. There are also reports of knobs turning without someone being on the other side of the door. The Pony Express Station in Hanover has a rich history to enjoy. It was built in 1857 to support riders traveling to the west coast. Many visitors report hearing the sound of hooves in the distance. There are even the sounds of orders being issued to riders sometimes heard. You’ll find that the haunted houses in Kansas will make the perfect road trip in autumn. The history of paranormal activity here can send chills down your spine! You’ll have a lot of fun visiting any one of the hosted events here in this state.