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If you think of ghost stories, then the first place that comes to mind for them usually isn’t South Dakota. There are some incredible sites to discover in this state, with many of them located in Deadwood. The entirety of Deadwood is treated as being haunted, but the Bullock Hotel and the Lucky Nugget Casino tend to get the most attention. Visitors have reported perfume suddenly appearing or unknown footsteps being heard. Aberdeen, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls have real-life haunted houses for you to find while visiting places like the Badlands or Mount Rushmore. The rural nature of the state means that you’ll find more haunted farms and corn mazes than houses, but the scares are still very real. Sioux Falls tends to host the most events each year, so that is an excellent place to start your trip! Many of the events are only open a few days each year, so you’ll need to act quickly to ensure you get a chance to enjoy a tour.