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The Ohio State Reformatory housed young offenders and violent prisoners from 1886-1990. This prison is one of the most haunted buildings in the state today. Visitors often hear unexplained noises and see apparitions. A visit to the solitary confinement area can put you in touch with a malevolent spirit. There are several real-life haunted houses to enjoy in Ohio, like the Ridges Asylum, the Bissman Building in Mansfield, and the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta. Combine these adventure options with the community-based haunted houses that provide some fun for the entire family. You’ll find a variety of different themes available each year, ranging from the tradition to something far more sinister. You can even join psychics on walking tours of the state’s most haunted locations on Halloween. The Thursday night ghost walks in Cleveland are an excellent example of this option. If you want to do something different this Halloween, then the haunted houses of Ohio are the perfect solution. Pick your favorite one to enjoy today to create a fantastic Halloween experience.