When it comes to finding places that are haunted there is no shortage in the United States. If you are looking for a place to visit or simply want to learn more about some of the haunted places around the country here is a list of what are considered to be the most haunted locations in America.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary is known to be haunted by its former inmates that were driven insane from being in solitary confinement. A locksmith reported that he was trying to restore a lock that was 140 years old when a force subdued him. He says that he saw anguished faces and felt a negative presence in the area as well.

Many visitors report seeing figures in the halls and state they have heard weird sounds. One of the more famous ghosts is said to be an inmate that murdered 27 people when he was trying to escape from the prison. It is not really surprising that there are ghosts walking the halls of the penitentiary.

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Located in Kentucky the Waverly Hills Sanitorium was a home to patients with tuberculosis during the early part of the 1900s. There were at least 6000 people that died there and it appears that some of the residents have refused to leave. Visitors have reported seeing a woman that has slashed wrists begging and screaming for help and other visitors report hearing screams of pain as well as moving shadows.

One of the more famous ghosts is that of a young boy who will often show up in video and pictures. The site is open for paranormal teams and visitors.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is located in Colorado and is famous for being the place where the Shining was filmed. This hotel has been an area that well known for paranormal activities. Some of the famous spooks that the site is known for include a young man that likes to hangout in bedrooms and closets of the hotel as well as a younger boy that is found hanging out in room 1211. The owner of the hotel, Mr. Stanley often makes his presence known by appearing in the billiards room and the lobby and his wife is often seen playing the piano.

Lincoln Theater

The Lincoln Theater is located in Illinois and while it may not be where the Phantom of the Opera resides it is home to reported various phantoms. There have been reports of cold spots throughout the seats in the theatre as well as ghosts in the audience. There are reports of footsteps being heard on stage as well as a younger couple that reportedly roams throughout the theater.

The legend of the building states that there were deathly fires on the site where the building stands. Some people have seen a stage hand walking through the halls of the theater that he loved. The balcony and staircase are common areas for strange apparitions as well.

There are several other famous haunted locations in the United States as well. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is one area that is famed for being a prime ghost hunting location. Visitors to the Alcatraz prison located off the coast of California have reported hearing screams from the dungeons. Another location that is often visited by those wanting to explore the spirit world is Bell Witch Caves in Tennessee. There is also a lighthouse located in Florida that is rumored to be haunted by people that have passed away in it.