When it comes to Halloween there is no reason that kids should have all the fun. Many adults want to get in on the action as well. There are many great ideas for adult Halloween costumes from which to choose. For those that are struggling with ideas, here are a few of top adult Halloween costumes. Be Creative! Halloween offers a time to let your creativity shine. If none of the above suggestions were your cup of tea consider something unique to be on this very special holiday. From bags of jelly beans to Legos, there are numerous ideas for adult costumes available if you just let your creativity shine.

Zombies – There have been several popular zombie shows in the recent past and this has led to the popularity of the zombie costume. There are really two options when it comes to zombie costumes for adults. You can choose to simply be a zombie in any outfit that you desire or you can choose a character from the popular show “The Walking Dead.” Zombie costumes are pretty easy to make. Simply take some old clothes from your closet add some rips and some blood and you are ready to go. You will want to make your face a bit pale with makeup and add some scars for effect.

Fairy Tale Costumes – Fairy Tale costumes are not just for kids anymore. With hit shows like “Grimm” and “Once Upon a Time,” adults are getting in on the fairy tale costume action as well. Wicked witch costumes are very popular among adults as well as the Evil Queen. Of course, women may just want to live out their dreams of being the fairy princess as well.

Career Costumes – If you work in an office every day, Halloween is a great time to try out a career costume. There are many different career opportunities out there for you to try out temporarily. Doctors, nurses, police officers, military, sailor outfits, judge’s robes, and sports costumes are also very popular.

Vampires – Vampires remain a popular choice for adult costumes especially with so many popular shows about them. While dressing up as the characters from Twilight might not be something many adults would consider, dressing up as the characters from Vampire Diaries or True Blood is a good option. Of course, the classic Dracula costume is always going to be a popular choice as well.

Couple Costumes Many adults go to Halloween parties in pairs and there are many great couples’s costumes out there as well. Some of the more popular couple costumes for this year include Batman and Cat Woman, gnome couples, Beauty and the Beast, Oz and the Good Witch from the popular movie, Superman and Lois Lane, Where’s Waldo couple, and a couple from the 20s. Any couple from a popular movie or television show is going to make an easy costume for Halloween. Dressing up as the current president and his wife is another popular choice.