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Enigma Haunt


1751 N. Military Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33486



South Florida is a region with deep roots and history. From the depths of the Everglades to the foggy Lake Okeechobee shores - stories of terrifying curses and pure horror brought upon settlers, explorers and pirates are passed down through the generations.

Long time natives believe many of these legends are true and that cases involving these unknown terrors are on the rise. Evil takes many forms - demons, the undead and tortured souls crossing the thing barrier between our realities. These are considered an enigma in our world, and those who feel the wrath of this enigma pay a heft price.

In our modern media-controlled society these tales have been buried to preserve Florida's vital tourist revenue. Untold deaths and hidden secrets are swept under the rug to hide the harrowing details from an unsuspecting world.

This enigma has reared is terrifying head in South Florida, and lurks, waiting, for anyone brave enough to enter the Enigma Haunted Attraction.